We get it

We understand life is hard as it is and it can be difficult to maintain both your appearance and health. Now, when we say appearance we mean having radiant skin, healthy hair, and nourished nails. These things tend to get overlooked or brushed off, but as we get older we start to take notice in them. Yet, by this point, we often get wrapped up in life and its responsibilities where self-care and well-being become leisure activities. 

We understand taking supplements can be an unpleasant experience — one that is easily avoided or deliberately forgotten, because who looks forward to swallowing pills? We certainly don’t. We understand that wanting to have flawless skin is almost inevitable and that not everyone has the time, patience, or financial means to try every serum or facial under the sun. We especially understand that it takes self-confidence and self-love to be able to feel comfortable in your own skin, but getting there can be more difficult than it should be. 


beauty is more than how you look, it’s how you feel

At Wholy Dose, we champion inner beauty through the bettering of health and wellness. Our mission is to redefine what beauty means and should feel like. We aspire for you to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin because you are the only person who can define your own beauty.

This is about self-progress, not perfection. Because we deserve to feel self-assured at all times — no matter the time and no matter the amount of products we have on.

Gina Nguyen Holzer Founder of Wholy Dose Collagen Brand

Meet our founder

Like many of you, I’ve always wanted to have perfect skin. I was in search of it for as long as I can remember, from my bad skin days to the days when my skin cleared up, but that still wasn’t enough for me to walk out of the house without having the slightest bit of makeup on. I tried countless serums, moisturizers, masks, vitamins - you name it. None gave me the results I was looking for — the type that didn’t fade after a few hours, but rather, made me feel confident to walk outside with a bare face.

I stayed content, but not satisfied until I found something that worked for me, something that was enough for me: collagen. Collagen helped give me confidence to feel comfortable in my own skin. For someone who wore makeup every day, I no longer feel the need to wear it as much. Now, I’m not claiming collagen perfected my skin — there are days when the results aren’t as prominent as others because that’s human nature and the idea of having perfect skin is simply unrealistic. Rather, I see a difference in my complexion and am finally happy in my own skin, something that seemed far from reach. Aside from this, my hair grew faster, thicker, and stopped falling out as much (I can finally use an eyelash curler without them instantly breaking) and my nails stopped breaking on a daily basis. In terms of my overall health, my digestion improved, immune system became stronger, and I got sick less often — something that used to be of a frequent occurrence. 

That’s when Wholy Dose was born — a company devoted to self-progress and self-love. I wanted to share my revelations and help empower others to feel confident in themselves and beautiful in their own skin. Because we all deserve the best. And to feel our best.

With Love,

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